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Hi! My name is Neil. I'm a freelance web developer based in the UK, specialising in AJAX, the cocktail of javascript and [in my case] PHP which powers most of the latest interactive web pages you see.

I help web teams build cool and dynamic interfaces, convert flash applications into javascript [so they work on iPads and tablets] and generally enhance, fix, and update websites to advanced standards. Browse my portfolio to get an idea for my range.

I work well as part of your team or as an individual coder. I'm quick, responsive, efficient and economical. My clients are always pleasantly surprised at how easily their challenges turn into solutions.

I always try to adopt MVC.

I am available 8am-8pm Mon-Fri. Drop me a line.



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2 June 2014

Heritage Data Visualiser (DEMO)

We asked Neil to quickly put together a proof-of-concept that we could use to interest other departments in using this approach. It has been well received and we hope to soon take this to the next level by expanding its size and using real data.
As always, Neil came through. I made a lot of points with my boss by being able to come up with exactly what he was looking for to impress his boss.

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8 October 2013

Creative Bone

Neil has worked with us on numerous projects since our first meeting in early 2013. His conscientious and methodical approach to achieving the best possible results as well as being a personable and likeable chap helped enabled him to fit into our work flow very smoothly. Neil has since become our go to coder and developer, his knowledge, skills and eagerness to not only complete the task in hand but also make that task function in a far greater way than we expected, has made him an invaluable member of our team.

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25 April 2014

ARC Specialist

Having worked with Neil on numerous projects, we knew that this site was a slight change in direction regarding style. We always attempt to create a visually appealing and interesting surfing experience but this site was a recognised and established format. Neil was able to implement a unique flow and feel to the site which brings a relatively simple design and construct to life.
Top job once again.


7 November 2013

Obamacare Map

We were trying to show three data pieces for each state in the US--our designer created a multi-layer map. In two days Neil produced a great JS map that accomplished what our designer drew up. - Nathanael

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12 December 2012

China Global Investment Tracker Interactive Map

We engaged Neil to redo this interactive map originally created by another vendor. We were dependent upon this vendor to update the map for us twice a year at a significant cost. For a fraction of the cost of one update, Neil's new version was identical to the original and can now be easily updated by us with a simple csv file. This has saved us both time and thousands of dollars yearly. - Roger

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16 October 2014

Tod Volpe Website

Work with Neil makes life much easier! He has an unbelievably strong work ethic, is kind, accommodating and patient, quick and efficient, and offers all this at a very good price with a great sense of humour to boot. We highly recommend Neil and will continue to work with him on upcoming projects
- Andrea

TAGS: PHP, Javascript

16 October 2014

Learning Worlds

Neil has been an incredible trans-Atlantic discovery. We were looking for somebody who could help us build a unique, solid, mobile & responsive (tablet + PC) interface for a high-profile event (two giant worldwide companies meeting together to innovate). Neil put a quick prototype together in hours, and then held our hand as we worked through the design, branding, data, and user interface issues. He's insightful, responsible, and wicked fast. (A task I expect will take days comes back overnight.) We've worked with him on several projects since, and recommended him to others. Engage him if you can! Quick, before the rest of the world discovers him!

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PDF Mock Up

"Neil has been a valued resource for our team. He adheres to deadlines and is prompt with his follow up and communication. We look forward to continuing our working relationship."
- Daniel


12 September 2014


"Neil jumped in immediately to our project, and was dynamic, enthusiastic, and innovative in implementing our ideas as well as coming up with those of his own, solving problems we had not even thought of addressing. Our project is shaping up to be larger, more professional, and more exciting than we ever thought possible!"

- Daniel J. Glass, Boston.


23 May 2014

Hilarion Banks

Easily the best site builder I've ever worked with. He knew how to do everything I wanted.....he's a great problem solver and his attitude can't be beat!


20 October 2013

Fingerprint Map

Just as he has done for us previously, Neil took an existing map and improved it's look and functionality greatly. Everyone is very pleased with the outcome. We have been sending all of our interactive graphics work to Neil. - Roger

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12 April 2013


I really like working with Neil. He's smart, speedy, accurate and always makes me laugh. - Mike

TAGS: Javascript, PHP


26 December 2012

50 foiled terrorist plots project

The original of this chart was very poorly executed and difficult to use. Neil re-designed it so it is much more user-friendly, cross-browser compatible, and easily expanded. - Roger

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8 July 2013


Initial Prototype for website that never happened. Registering Disabled.

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12 January 2013

Federal Budget in Picture (FBiP) Interactive Chart

Originally prepared by another vendor, this chart was not cross-browser compatible until Neil redid it. What the original vendor said couldn't be done, Neil accomplished for a very reasonable price. We plan to have Neil redesign and update the chart in the near future. - Roger

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15 December 2012

Dallas Metal Service

I recently met Neil while looking for someone to assist me with one of my client's websites. I needed someone to do some coding to fix a few backend changes to their site my client requested. Neil did a great job and my client was very happy. My client then decided to have Neil redesign their entire website based on his previous work. Neil did a fantastic job and was very professional in every way. He went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a website designer to use Neil. I know I will again in the future. - Scott

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9 August 2014

Android App Simulator

Nomanic / Neil has been incredibly present and responsive in every stage of the project. He has been able to present solutions to problems as well as being able to adapt and make changes underway. Finally, he has been trustworthy and he even ended up completing the project before deadline. Very recommendable.

- Niels B. Rasmussen, Denmark.

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21 June 2014

The Boneyard

to be added

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6 June 2014

The Sky Doctor

I've been working with Neil for over 3 years, our skill sets really complement each other. Neil's knowledge of JavaScript and PHP really brings my projects alive, 100% reliable and meets all deadlines set. I can highly recommend Neil for his attention to detail, and quality of work.
"Sanjay - Innov8graphics"

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2 June 2014

Eurodog Spain

Neil once again engaged his skills on this project. Clean and precise coding enabled us to deliver the project to a very satisfied client! "Sanjay - Innov8graphics"

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