Booking System
Welcome to our new Booking System. Here you can book your event table with ease. With just one check out, you can book the tables at different events for you and your friends.
Step 1: Choose your event.
Step 2: The floor plan will appear as well as the list of tables that are available for booking.
Step 3: Choose an available table number and click on it with your mouse. A small window with a request to input your contact details will appear.
Step 4: Enter you personal details and click "Book". If you wish to book another table at this event continue to click an available table number. If you wish to book a table at another event, select a different event (see Step 1). You may continue with your own contact details, or enter your friendís email.
Booking Summary
Step 5: After booking your tables (see Step 1 to 4) all your booked tables are summarised here. Please note, only when you click "CHECK OUT" are the tables really yours.
Step 6: You can cancel a table by clicking the "X" next to the table number.
Total Amount Due SGP $XXX
Step 7: When you are finished click "CHECK OUT" and follow payment instructions given in the email sent to you. Please note that each booking has a unique reference number; please give reference number when making payment.
Thank you for using our new Booking System.
For help please call Angelika at 96444286.
 Table XXX  YYY
Supply Details to Book Table XXX
please provide contact details